Our values lie at the heart of everything we do

Partner with our ethical communications agency to drive change for good.

We move beyond delivering content to focus on outcomes and lasting impacts.

As an ethical communications agency, we actively seek to partner with organisations and businesses who share our values of integrity, sustainability, justice, and compassion. 

Scientia Scripta is working towards B-Corp certification.

We are a business member of 1% for the planet


As an ethical communications agency, we value integrity.

Open and honest partnerships

We offer frank professional advice based on years of experience, sector expertise and evidence-based practice. We focus on impacts, not just deliverables. We give our clients the opportunity to reflect and feed back with a view to continuous improvement.


Care and kindness, always

We seek to work with clients who share our commitment to kindness. We provide a one-to-one relationship-based service, which enhances creative and innovative solutions. We add the human touch and emotional connection to which drive engagement, action, and impacts.


As an ethical communications agency, we value justice.

Fighting for fairness

We seek to work with clients on projects that support, implement or foster equality, diversity, and inclusion. As an ethical communications agency, we encourage co-production methods and the involvement of multiple parties to generate creativity and innovation. We agree actions to foster benefits and mitigate potential harms.


As an ethical communications agency, we value impact.

Delivering change for good

Meeting a client’s impact objectives is always our primary ambition. We embed design-for-change into our work. Our Impact Club transfers expertise and impact literacy to your organisation for transformational culture change.


As an ethical communications agency, we value sustainability.

Let’s put the planet first

A first principle for our ethical communications agency is that we ensure our project's impacts and outcomes don't increase emissions or cause environmental degradation. We actively seek clients who aim to improve and foster more environmentally friendly living. We will evaluate project outcomes and impacts according to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.